OPS works perfectly fine with OpenStack.

Some cloud providers using OpenStack that have been tested are vexxhost and ovh.

In the cloud provider, download a script with the env variables required.

  1. Create an account;

  2. Login;

  3. Click API Access in left menu;

  4. Click on button with the description Download OpenStack RC File;

  5. Run RC file script in the terminal where you will use ops.

$ ./`

Alternatively, you can set the env variables manually.

export OS_USERNAME=""
export OS_PASSWORD=""
export OS_DOMAIN_NAME="Default"
export OS_AUTH_URL=""
export OS_REGION_NAME="sjc1"
export OS_PROJECT_ID=""

Image Operations

Create Image

GOOS=linux go build -o <elf_file>
ops image create <elf_file|program> -c config.json -t openstack -i <image_name>

List Images

ops image list -t openstack

Delete Image

ops image delete -t openstack <image_name>

Instance Operations

Create Instance

ops instance create <image_name> -t openstack

While creating instance on openstack OPS needs flavour name. If you don't provide, OPS selects one for you. You can provide flavor name via CLI and config file.

CLI example

ops instance create <image_name> -t openstack -f <flavor_name>

Sample config file

  "CloudConfig" :{
    "Platform" : "openstack",
    "flavor" : "<flavor_name>"

OPS provides configurable instance volume size. Add volume size in config file. Default size is 1 GB.

    "RunConfig": {
        "VolumeSizeInGb" : 2

List Instances

ops instance list -t openstack

Get Logs for Instance

ops instance logs -t openstack <instance_name>

Delete Instance

ops instance delete -t openstack <instance_name>

You can fetch instance name from ops instance list command.

Volume Operations

Create Volume

ops volume create -t openstack <volume_name>

List Volumes

$ ops volume list -t openstack
|                 UUID                 | NAME |  STATUS   | SIZE (GB) | LOCATION |            CREATED            | ATTACHED |
| 2977268e-7c83-4191-a30d-f6fa25c3ddab |      | available |         1 |          | 2021-02-24 13:24:54 +0000 UTC |          |

Delete Volume

ops volume delete -t openstack <volume_name>

Attach Volume

ops volume attach -t openstack <instance_name> <volume_name> <mount_path>

Detach Volume

ops volume detach -t openstack <instance_name> <volume_name>

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